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In my childhood itself, I was fond of listening to music and watching films like Jurassic Park and practicing musical instruments. The dramatic power of music, and more particularly of orchestral music, fascinated me very much during this period of my primary education. In fact, the basis of my education rest primarily on listening and assimilating a whole bunch of different music. The music of Danny Elfman, the cartoons of Looney Tunes, Fantasia, the musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but also some games of Nintendo 64, notably the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, were played important role in the development. of my musical personality.


 In my memories, the first music I identified with was the classical songs rendered by my mother, she was a Music teacher under the state government. One reason for my fascination with films is the contribution of my grandmother (mother of mother) to the first film in our local language (Malayalam). She is presently famous as the heroine and singer of the first Malayalam movie “Balan” which is released in 1938. Of course, that hereditary connection of mine with films and music is a factor that driven me into this world of music and sound design. 

In high school, my interest in dramatic and orchestral music waned in favour of the high-dose practice. 


Around the age of 15, I was in progressive rock, in part because it often tells a story, and I was working the instrument as much as what my heroes said they were doing themselves. Now I am doing my postgraduate studies in music and sound for films and games at the University of Hertford shire, UK. I hope, after the completion of my course, I will be able to create something special for the people who love music and sound.   

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